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Last year Jodie & Soda believed we needed to do something about Bullying as it was a major issue within society.

They teamed up with The Bully Zero Foundation to launch a proactive Anti-Bullying campaign and put the spotlight fairly and squarely on bullying and its potential consequences for our entire community.

Jodie & Soda became Ambassadors for Zero Bullying and created a pledge ‘I Stand For Zero Bullying’ that encouraged parents, children, teachers and the general public not only to take but also to have the discussion on bullying in South Australia. It also highlighted the things we were no longer going to accept in our community.

This year they are going to continue to put the spotlight on the issue of bullying and will continue to get people to take the pledge. They will be speaking with real people who have real stories, from all facets of life, who have, or are, still dealing with bullying.