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Adelaide Mum Apologises To Her Bully Victim 27 Years Later

Jodie & Soda have re-connected Adelaide mother Kelly who was a bully in school with her victim Amanda 27 years later.

Kelly recently found out her daughter is being bullied in school and it brought back memories of her being a bully in school.

She has been trying to track down Amanda in the hope of apologising and has been unsuccessful.

Jodie & Soda tracked down Amanda living in the UK who remembered Kelly and was willing to her what Kelly had to say in an emotional reunion.

Take a listen:

IF YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE WITH BULLYING – call the 24 Hour Hotline - 1800 0 Bully (28 559). The hotline provides general information and support, is confidential and staff are trained.

The ‘Zero Bullying Pledge’ encourages parents, children, teachers and the general public to pledge ‘I Stand for Zero Bullying’ and have the discussion about bullying. 

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