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Ricki-Lee Addresses Claims She Mimed At Commonwealth Games

Last night Australia gave the world a glimpse at our beautiful and historic culture in the opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth games.

And while there may have been a few hiccups such as the rumoured A-listers like Margo Robbie and Chris Hemsworth not showing up and having a woman’s bare bum make it on screen (only in Straya amiright?), the one thing that people were seriously up in arms about was the rumour that the stars who did perform were actually Lip Synching.

Throughout the opening ceremony we saw Aussie vocalists like Christine Anu sing her heart out to My Island Home and Ricki-Lee Coulter give a rendition of a pop song while dancers created a beach haven in the arena. But many viewers we left asking, ‘Did they actually sing’?

Jackie mentioned the lip-synching rumours during her O News segment this morning and decided to call up Ricki Lee to get her side of the story.

“What do you say to those people about lip-synching?”, asked Jackie. “Kyle and I were talking about that and how sometimes you have a TV track?”

But Ricki denied it completely saying that she definitely sang her heart out to fans during the opening ceremony.

“I sang my face off last night,” exclaimed Ricki. “I sang my face off and I had the best time.” She also claimed that the rumours start circling whether she sings good or bad and that it feels like she can’t win.

“The thing is I fell like sometimes I can’t win”, started Ricki. “If I sing well there’s always like ‘aw Ricki Lee’s miming’…Unless I have an off night and then everyone’s like ‘aw Ricki can’t sing, she’s sh*t’”.

Don’t worry Ricki, you’ve always got a fan in us! Especially Kyle by the sounds of it.

“You are a, great, great, I mean like exceptionally good vocalist,” said Kyle with some serious enthusiasm. “I think a lot of people see you do it and think ‘oh she can’t be that good.”

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