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Georgia Love's Awkward Announcement Reveals Money Woes

They seem to have been on holiday forever.

But now, Georgia Love has joked that her holiday has left her completely broke.

Alongside a snap from a lavish wedding she attended, the 29-year-old wrote: 'I can speak 13 words of Italian and I have $78 in my bank account.'

Studio 10 presenter Sarah Harris commented on the photo to get the response saying 'Are you guys living there now????' 

Georgia Love and Lee Elliott’s trip has seen them go across Italy and head to Rome, Florence and Positano, appearing to spare no expense, including staying at the Lifestyle Suites Rome.

With stunning views above the rooftops of the city, suites at the impressive hotel can cost $3500 a night.

But it looks like it might be home time soon, with the money going quicker than she thought!

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