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Is This Proof Zayn Has Cheated On Gigi Hadid?

Are Zayn's eyes wandering from his gorgeous girlfriend Gigi?

An anonymous Twitter account by the handle @exposingzaynmalik has tweeted a screenshot which ALLEGEDLY shows Zayn DM-ing and texting a girl who goes by the user name @lilpochaco on Twitter. See the tweet from @exposingzaynmalik at bottom.

We'd like to stress, none of these accusations have been confirmed or denied.

It all started to unfold when @lilpochaco tweeted that the below shirtless photo of Zayn had been leaked without her permission..

@exposingzaynmalik then shared a conversation between Zayn's actual Twitter handle @zaynmalik and the same girl which shows Zayn sending her DM's such as, "You got a mobile number ...? Your gorgeous / Kinda can't stop thinking about you [sic]."

So far we don't know what to think, and neither do Zayn's fans who have demanded more proof. If you believe @exposingzaynmalik though, then there's apparently more to come.

We're waiting...

Source: MTV

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