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Kendall Jenner's New Ad Has P*ssed Off A LOT Of People

When it comes to drama, the Kar-Jenner family have the monopoly on controversy; from bizarre love-squares and armed robberies to divorces, marriages and pregnancy complications, it's never a dull moment with THAT lot.

But Kendall isn't normally the one p*ssing people off - until her new ad for Pepsi dropped online and the internet went OFF.

The soft drink company seems to be playing on our society's ever-growing need to protest, jumping on every bandwagon from the Black Lives Matter movement to the global Women's Marches.

Which could have been fine, if the solution to everyone's problems didn't involve Kendall Jenner abandoning her photoshoot, wiping off her lipstick and crossing the picket line to hand one of the police officers in attendance an ice-cold can of Pepsi.

The backlash has been swift and unapologetic.

Obviously it would be amazing we could solve the world's problems with a beverage but, let's be honest, if that was ever going to be a reality, it certainly wouldn't be with a Pepsi.

Goon all the way.

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