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Lindsay Lohan Goes IN On Ariana Grande On Instagram

Does Lindsay Lohan remind anyone else of their Nan on social media?

Granted she's only 30 years old, but between live-tweeting her reaction to Brexit and throwing out comments that probably should have been direct messages, she's a bit of a loose cannon on the internet.

Her latest victim is, bizarrely, Ariana Grande; after the 23-year-old pop queen posted a couple of selfies from the set of Hairspray Live!, Lindsay dropped a mum-approved jibe that set Ariana's fans off.

"I really love you @dovecameron," Ariana wrote on the first Instagram, before Lindsay replied: "Too much make-up".


And then, just to dig herself an even deeper hole, she wrote the same thing on two more selfies.

I really love you @dovecameron #HairsprayLive @nbchairspraylive ♡

A photo posted by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

Ariana's fans obviously went to bat for their love, hitting Lindsay with a couple of "too much drugs" and "girl u need to put on make-up" replies, but we're still not sure she was being mean.

Maybe she was just saying that Ariana doesn't need to wear make-up cos she's so pretty anyway?


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