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People REALLY Want Zayn Malik To Play Aladdin In Remake

Last year, Disney announced that they would be doing a remake of Aladdin (#LifeMade), similarly to that of Beauty and the Beast.

And one clear fan-favourite to play the lead of Aladdin has emerged, and it’s actually perfect…

Zayn Malik.

OMG! I’ve only just realised, but he’s the ACTUAL real life doppelganger for Aladdin. And not only that, but let's not forget he actually has the most amazing vocals so the music side of things would also be taken care of.

And now that I’ve noticed the striking resemblance and imagined just how perfect he would be to play the cute little Romeo from Agrabah, I actually can’t un-see it and anyone else for the role would just be plain wrong!

Disney have teased fans even more, and announced that the actors playing the lead roles of Aladdin and Jasmine are of Middle Eastern ethnicity.

AND… Zayn’s father is from Pakistan.

Now, while Pakistan isn’t actually in the Middle East, if we want to get technical (which we do), it is part of the Greater Middle East which goes from Turkey to Sudan (North to South) and Morocco to Pakistan (West to East).

Disney have also revealed the character will be between 18-24 years old and 'must be able to sing.'

And naturally, Twitter has gone into overload because it means the 24-year-old Pillowtalk singer could be a real candidate! We’re hoping so anyway…


Source, Image: MTV

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