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Shane Warne Found To Be Trying To ''Court'' Bachelorette!

Shane Warne has been caught out trying to ‘’court’’ one of Richie Strahan’s Bachelorettes!

A source for Woman’s Day says “Shane has been persistent in sending messages to Kiki, trying to court her with his charm, and repeatedly offering the opportunity for the pair to meet up,” 

  Although the source claimed: “She’s smarter than she looks and realises being caught up with Shane has been rather damaging for some females in the past.”

So it looks like it isn’t going anywhere, or is it because Kiki is the winner? Oooh gossip.

Well, apparently the source thinks she is ‘’exactly the sort of girl he would enjoy getting to know better.’’

Kiki has told the Daily Mail, however ‘’I don’t see him out, it’s more like social media – he may drop a line and say ‘looking good’ or ‘Congratulations on this’ but that’s as far as it goes,” she said. She also added that the pair has “absolutely not” hooked up in the past.’’

It all starts with a text with Warnie though, right?

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