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The Bachelor's Richie Strahan And Alex Nation Set The Date

The newest Bachelor couple Strahan and Alex Nation have been public for a fortnight now and are already looking at taking the next step in their relationship. 

After just over three months together, Richie is finally going to meet Alex's five year old son, Elijah!

The highly anticipated meeting is set to occur in the next month according to Alex on her Instagram account.


"In the next month. It's something we don't want to rush and we want to really enjoy that special moment together xx," she said in response to a fan.  

Alex has been very conscious of the timing of their first meeting - so the trio can enjoy it at face value, away from the media spotlight. 

Throughout the filming the 25 year old has copped a lot of external criticism over leaving her five year old son to go on the program to find love. 

So sometimes you are an absolute pain in the bum, you exhaust me and really test my mental processes like nothing else! Some days, as a parent, the challenges outweigh the rewards. Some days, I am overwhelmed by my responsibilities as your mum. Some days, I think to myself "do I even know what the bloody hell I'm doing!?" And honestly, some days, I feel the answer is no. But what I do know is, is that I love you beyond measure. It's unyielding, unconditional and without boundary. I have your very best interests at heart(always) and I only ever want the best for you. Everything I do in life is with you in mind, first and foremost. You are going to make mistakes, you'll disappoint me, make me mad, maybe even make me cry and you know what, I'll do the same to you I'm sure. But I promise to never go to bed cross with you(even though when your 16 I'll do something that pisses you off beyond belief and I'll cop the silent treatment for 2 weeks straight) Being a mum isn't always a walk in the park, sometimes it's really flipping hard, but I am so incredibly lucky to even be able to take that walk.. And with you. Whilst it's my job to aid in your growth, to teach you and nurture you, you aid in my growth too. You are the biggest part of me and you make me who I am. So thank you ❤️

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During the filming and subsequent travel due to media commitments, Elijah has been staying with his father Joel Porter throughout the school week. 

"I'll be heading home to him soon. he is such a gorgeous little man. yes it is a very exciting time and I'll certainly cherish that moment," she stated.


But she has remained strong on the fact that Elijah is still her 'main man' and the central focus of her life. 

"My little boy is everything to me," she told Melbourne media on the weekend.

"I know who I am and I know what kind of mother I am so they don't bother me."

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