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The House Rules Moment That Sees One Team Storm Out

House Rules contestants Bec And Troy will storm out of Sunday’s judging, and it will have everyone talking.

One the night, we will see one team praised and given 10’s for the ‘best renovation ever’, but things also get really ugly for Bec and Troy when they are slammed.

The latest promo for Sunday’s show, show Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen singling out a room and saying it’s ' ridiculous.'

Troy and Bec have been seen displaying pride in their Taste renovation work, including a zig-zag patterned cork board but it looks like LLB.. hates it.
The couple is left stressed out after they were awarded the bonus room and it appears it got them badly.

'I just want to get out of here,' Troy steams, 'Let's go, babe!'

Host Johanna Griggs is left stunned before Troy says 'Blow it straight our your ****.'

House Rules airs on Channel 7 on Sunday night at 7 PM.

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