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The MAFS Clue We All Missed About Jonesy's Villainous Ways

In the space of one week, Married At First Sight’s Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones has gone from unlucky-in-love groom to super villain.

And while Australia’s sympathies went out to the Perth firefighter who was jilted by his first match, that soon changed after he mocked his second ‘bride’ Cheryl behind her back.

Andrew and Cheryl's relationship is on the rocks in tonight's #9Married... 💔

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It was the moment that left many shocked and questioning what happened to the man who appeared to be such an eligible bachelor.

But an interview with Nine’s TheFIX has us questioning whether we missed some major clues about what was to come.

Following Jonesy’s downfall this week, an interview he did last month has resurfaced.

The truth comes out at Sunday's commitment ceremony! #9Married

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On Valentine’s Day he admitted he’d gone into hiding and deactivated his Facebook account, saying “I haven’t been out in public since the show aired”.

At the time, we wrote it off as his embarrassment at being rejected so early on the unwanted attention he was receiving.

He even went so far as to claim “It’s almost like I’m the poster boy for broken hearts around the world”.

Tonight's dinner party goes there... 😳 #9Married

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However, after this week we’re beginning to wonder if it had more to do with a guilty Jonesy’s anticipation of what was to come...

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