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Entire Crowd Chants ‘KHLOE’ At Tristan Thompson At NBA Game

Well, Karma truly is a bitch, and Tristan Thompson just learnt this lesson the hard way.

While we admit, what Tristan endured is in NO WAY on the same level as what he did to poor Khloe, we have to say we feel quite satisfied after watching the ENTIRE crowd at one of his basketball game’s troll him hard.

Tristan Thompson, the 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers player who was recently caught out cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, was playing against the Toronto Raptors in an NBA playoffs game on Tuesday night local time.

The hilarious moment in question occurred when Tristan was attempting to take a penalty free throw at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Now of course it’s quite common for the fans of the opposing team to shout and make some noise during this time, but what this crowd was shouting was quite out of the ordinary.

Instead of shouting something like “defence”, the crowd started chanting “Khloe”!! And it was so loud and overpowering that it was actually clearly picked up through the televised broadcast! Watch the entire thing go down in the video above.

Seriously, we’ve never seen anything so satisfying…And we bet Kris Jenner and the whole Kardashian klan is thinking the same right about now.


Despite the distraction, the Cavaliers went on to win the game against the Raptors, 113 to 112.

This comes just a few weeks after video footage and photos surfaced of Tristan cheating on Khloe with a number of different women, just days prior to her giving birth to their new born daughter, True Thompson.

People have been absolutely HATING on the NBA player ever since, posting their opinions to twitter and commenting on all of his social media posts. And tbh Tristan, we don’t see it getting better for ya anytime soon buddy.


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Meantime, Khloe is reportedly set to return home to Los Angeles for Mother’s Day after giving birth to her daughter in Cleveland on April 12.

Khloe Kardashian Kisses Tristan Thompson On Snapchat

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