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We Think We May Have Figured Out Who Has Won The Bachelor!

Tonight, The Bachelor began and the world is ready for Matty J to fall in love.

Tonight, we also met Leah from Melbourne and while her dress left us all stunned, we may have some news on her that could change everything.

Remember back in JUNE when we posted this photo of Matty J leaving filming?

Photo Credit: diimex.com

Well, we posted that May 25th, the day Matty returned home from filming.

Let’s fast forward a month after that and look who returned home to Melbourne after filming finished on JUNE 25th.


This photo is from her friends Instagram account and is date stamped as June 25th.. but who knows when it was taken?!

Now, it’s common knowledge that the couple will separate for a while and cannot be seen together.. so could Leah be the girl who stole Matty J’s heart but has been locked away for a while since?

It could well be..

Since filming wrapped, it is clear that Leah has gone on holidays galore, including one to Mount Hotham...


One to regional Victoria and we think there could be another planned to Bali…


ALL of Leah’s own Instagrams have been deleted with the show starting..

The Bachelor continues tomorrow night at 7:30PM on Ten.

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