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Alyssa Milano Says Breastfeeding Pics OK

Actress Alyssa Milano cannot believe the outcry over her re-posting a selfie of her breastfeeding her daughter Elizabeth who has just turned one.

The Who's The Boss star says she loves "boobs" and questions why it's acceptable for women to basically bare their breasts hosting a show but breastfeeding photos are deemed inappropriate.

"I think it's very odd that we live in a time where I can post a selfie breastfeeding, and you don't even see a nipple and that someone can go and host a show and you're seeing basically more boob than my breastfeeding pictures - and that's totally OK," she said.

"I just think that people are more comfortable sexualising boobs - and believe me they're beautiful, they're sexy, they're great... I love boobs. But they have a real, human, distinct purpose and we've so gotten away from that."

Milano posted a photo of her breastfeeding her baby girl in 2014 and then re-posted the shot on Friday which led to her reaction.



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