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Ariana Grande Targeted By Trolls For Suspending Concerts

It’s been pretty traumatic week for the world, suffering a devastating terrorist attack that was focused on completely innocent children and teens.

The attack, which occurred just after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killed 22 people, injuring more than 100 others.

Grande was completely broken by the incident, and as a result - and a sign of respect to the victims in Manchester - has decided to suspend her tour.

A statement released yesterday revealed Grande will take time out to pay 'proper respects to those lost’.

And, devastatingly, the 23-year-old has been trolled because of her decision, with some people branding the singer a 'spoiled brat' and accusing her of 'letting the terrorists win'.

One Twitter user wrote: 'If Ariana Grande cancels her tour, the terrorists win.'

Another tweeted: 'Too bad @ArianaGrande is a spoiled brat. Would love to see her visiting fans at hospital; could be the 1st pop icon to truly condemn terror.'

A third wrote: 'What I'm gonna say is maybe selfish but I say it. Ariana, if u cancel your tour or ending your career, you let terrorists win.'

Source: Daily Mail

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