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Beau Ryan Allegedly Cheated On Wife With Ex-High 5 Star

Since ending his football career, Beau Ryan has become a much-loved media personality.

His Instagram is full of beautiful photos of his wife, Kara and daughter Remi, who he obviously loves very much.

However, explosive new claims have been released that claim the married former Sharks player indulged in an affair with the former High-5 performer and Aladdin co-star, Lauren Brant.

According to Woman's Day, the former NRL player has reportedly confessed to cheating on his wife of three years, Kara with Brant while they were acting together in the musical, Aladdin.

The news came about when Brant's devastated ex-fiance, Warren Riley, discovered his partner's secret while on holiday in New Zealand. According to the Woman's Day report, Riley, who is a Gold Coast personal trainer, suspected something was amiss on the first night of their trip, when she was behaving 'very differently'. He then took it upon himself to check her phone and discovered a text exchange between Brant and a friend who asked her what was going on with Ryan.


According to the report, when pushed, Brant admitted to having sex with married Ryan twice when they starred together in Sydney's production of Aladdin and his Wondrous Lamp back in July.

Following news of the cheating claims, a Channel Nine spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia 'Beau and his family are on holiday spending much needed time together and we have no comment to make on their personal life'.

Mr Riley said Brant insisted she was going to tell him after their New Zealand getaway and begged for forgiveness.

'She owned up to everything. She said she'd slept with him [Ryan] on two occasions in her hotel after rehearsals,' the personal trainer said.

According to Riley, it started when Brant kissed Ryan during a photo-taking session in the rehearsal venue's stairwell.

'She said after they'd taken the photos they were still kind of staying pretty close to each other and then they started making out,' Mr Riley - who has since separated from Brant - said.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, Ryan did not want to confess the affair to his wife of three years, but reportedly now has.

However, a source told Woman's Day Ryan was 'apologetic' and 'extremely remorseful' after confessing to Kara, his manager Wayne Beavis and Channel Nine bosses, and will be on a brief hiatus from the network's The NRL Footy Show.

The couple have gone on holiday with his family to 'clear their heads' and work on 'rebuilding the trust' in the relationship.

Source: Daily Mail/Woman's Day

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