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Beauty Blogger’s $6 DIY Face Mask Goes Viral

Farah Dhukai is truly the Queen of DIY.

The Youtube and Instagram beauty sensation has built a following of 5 million (and counting), thanks to her DIY beauty hacks.

Today, the DIY guru posted a hack that can help get rid of dry, frizzy hair - and skin - for less than $6. The method involves a bottle of agave, warm water and requires you to apply it to your hair and skin, let it dry, and then wash it off.

🐢GET RID OF DRY, FRIZZY HAIR + DRY SKIN FOR LESS THAN $6! 🌵 Im in New York right now and I❤NYC but it has made my skin have random dry patches (and when i first got here.. i was covered in acne which is why i have two left over dots on my cheeks!!) my hair has been feeling dry too! Unfortunately, I couldnt bring my “DIY potions” cuz the way airport customs is set uppppppp..its hard to explain what my random bottles of liquids are... so I ran to whole foods and grabbed a bottle of AGAVE to rescue me! ALL YOU NEED: ✅AGAVE - 1 bottle is $6 and it gives me 3 uses.. so each use is $2!! 🙆🏽Apply this to your hair AFTER shampooing (while its wet) and apply onto clean skin. I do TWO layers on the skin 🚿Wash it off your face and hair with water only!!NO CLEANSERS!! Water temp is whatever u prefer-not ice cold 👩🏾I have been using agave as a conditioner after shampooing for years (i dont use a regular conditioner..ever) to give my hair moisture and make it soft! I leave a bottle in the shower :) 👶🏾Youll have the softest most hydrated skin EVER and your hair will be the same! 💨I let my hair AIR DRY so you can see JUST HOW SHINY, FRIZZ FREE AND HYDRATED it is WITH NO PRODUCT AND NO STYLING!! WHY THIS WORKS:👌🏾 Agave is a natural humectant… it gives moisture and shine (glow) to hair and skin! The molecules in agave are hydrophilic and attract water = LOCK IN MOISTURE!! The “sugars” in agave bond to your hair and make it stronger, more elastic, shiny and KILL frizz!! anti-aging and is the ultimate healer! If you have porous textured hair then only do this in low humidity! Do this as often as u use conditioner! ps. I always get comments saying “oh if you take care of yourself so much why do u get these problems. The simple and most logical answer: Im a human being :) and im not perfect..nobody is. Change of environment, weather, water, hormones, age, LIFE etc can take a toll on your hair and skin, so its just a matter of adjusting and giving your skin what it needs, WHEN it needs it. I do this to genuinely help - so i hope you find this helpful :) Tag a dry friend in need! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽and like this vid for more easy diy! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Disclaimer: test patch first.

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The best part? You can see Farah undergo every step of the beauty treatment and the mind-blowing results at the end.

We know what we're doing tonight...


Source: News.com.au

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