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Behind The Scenes Of Grease LIVE Was RIDICULOUSLY Impressive

This is seriously impressive!

The Associate Director of Grease Live, Carrie Havel, that aired this week has shared a behind the scenes sneak peak into the control room of the production. 

Specifically, a look at what is going on during classic hit "Grease Lightening". 

And wow! Just wow!

The quick camera changes and immaculate timing would take some serious practice. 

Changing views by the second, Havel never drops focus as she reels off the shot list... and remember... this is all LIVE!

Talk about pressure! 

A lot of people have asked what it means to be the Associate Director on a show like Grease Live. Here's a peek behind the curtain. Every shot in the show was designed and scripted by our director Alex Rudzinski. My job was to execute that plan. You hear me calling shot numbers and camera moves carefully coordinated with the music. My head stays in the script and Alex, to my right, keeps an eye on cameras to adjust framing and pacing. #GreaseLive

Posted by Carrie Havel on Monday, 1 February 2016

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