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Rebel Wilson's Defamation Payout SLASHED After Loss In Court

In breaking news this morning Rebel Wilson has suffered a major loss in the courtroom while her opponent Bauer Media have taken a massive win.

Magazine publisher Bauer Media has won in its appeal over Rebel Wilson's defamation suit and will now have to pay the actress only $600,000.

The final figure is significantly less than the $4.5 million the Pitch Perfect star had originally been awarded in damages after she was defamed in a series of magazine articles.

The Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in Melbourne on Thursday and Wilson was not present in court for the ruling. However, Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford says he has no doubt that she will be losing her mind over the decision.

“She’s not in court, she’s actually in the Czech Republic. She’s in a hotel room watching it online, they had a live stream from the supreme court” revealed Peter Ford. “I imagine any second now you might want to check her twitter feed or her Instagram because she will be going ballistic I reckon.”

Peter also revealed that the $3.9 million that Rebel has now missed out on will not only impact her but the projects that she was hoping to use the money to undertake.

“To her credit she was going to be using this money to get scholarships going and to maybe fund a movie that would give people work. So she wasn’t intending to just put it into her own purse.”

This decision came after the judge concluded that Rebel hadn’t sufficiently proven that Woman’s Day magazine had cost her work after claiming that Rebel was much older than she really is.

She was originally awarded a record $650,000 in general damages and $3,917,472 in special damages that prompted an immediate appeal.

The Court of Appeal today reduced the general damages payout to $600,000 and set aside the special damages amount finding it had been wrongly awarded.

Wilson has not yet spoken out on the decision, but the night before the appeal hit the courtroom she told her twitter fans that she had already won. 

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