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Devastating News For Real Housewives Of Sydney Fans

If you’re a ‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ fan, you’ll be into this…

You won’t be happy, but you’ll want to read it.

It appears crowd favourites Lisa Oldfield and Athena X will not be returning for season two of the show, if their actions are anything to go by, according to a report on the Daily Mail.

Lisa took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words: 'I'm staging an epic comeback.'

#holdontoyourhats #huge #announcement coming from #theoldfields very soon ! #staytuned #epic

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on

Telling fans to stay tuned for a 'huge' announcement, Athena was quick to agree with Lisa's post, seemingly confirming she is also pursuing new projects.

'Hold on to your hats, huge announcement coming from the Oldfields very soon!' Lisa captioned the post.

What will the #haters do without me ? Stay tuned for my next #project

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on

Athena was also quick to chime in, writing: 'Or me.'

This all comes after a cryptic instagram post Lisa put up last week, with a scene from The Simpsons featuring Marge opening Lisa’s door to find an empty bed, and the caption, ‘One door closes another one opens! Where is Lisa?’

One #door #closes another one #opens ! Where is #Lisa ?

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on

Cryptic indeed…

According to recent reports, Lisa and Athena X Levendi will be the ones getting the axe after their on-camera behaviour crossed the line on RHOS this year.

The Daily Telegraph cites a source as saying that Foxtel's executive-director, Brian Walsh, called a meeting where he expressed his desire to fire the twosome.

'The intensity of the fighting was too much, and these two ladies were at the centre of the incidents that went too far,' says the source.


Source: Daily Mail

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