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How Adorable Is This Modern Family Star's Red Carpet Look

In between the cast of Stranger Things and Modern Family, it seems the kids / teens are ruling the Emmys Red Carpet events this year. 

Seriously, how dapper does the cast of the former look... 


And then we stumbled across the youngest of the crop... Modern Family's Jeremy Maguire (who plays Fulgencio Joseph "Joe" Pritchett, the youngest son of Sofia Vergara's Gloria and Ed O'Neill's Jay).


The super cutie donned a metallic blue cape for the occasion, walking the red carpet alongside co-star Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily).


Could he be more adorable? 


He has the poses down pat and obviously is having a blast in front of the cameras. 


But once we digged a bit deeper, we realised this isn't the first time he's worn a cape on the red carpet.

In fact, it is his personal fashion statement. 


Seriously, everyone else can go home. Little Jeremy has won the Red Carpet... 

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