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'Lorelai & Rory' Just Shared Massive Gilmore Girls Spoilers!

Gilmore Girls fans, do we have some news for you!

We've been speculating for awhile about how life has changed for our favourite mother-daughter duo Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel).

Now we have a few more hints at where the reboot 'A Year In The Life' starts off. 

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Coming soon.

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Rory fans will be happy to know that she is still on the journalism trail as a writer!

There was some worry when pictures surfaced of the younger Gilmore in the classroom, but we can relax, the actress herself explains. 

"She has been working hard, as she does," Bledel told US Weekly.

"She started her work as a journalist at the same time that newspapers were going away.

"Her field changed dramatically as she was just kind of getting up and running. So that’s where we pick up with her."

Last we saw she was about to embark on her first adventure in the media world as part of the Obama presidential campaign. 

Could she still be in politics? World news? Or perhaps following in ex-boyfriend Jesse's (Milo Ventimiglia) footsteps and writing books. 

The actress revealed her career has her "crashing on couches and staying with friends" while travelling instead of "planting roots anywhere". 

"It’s real time, so it’s been about eight years that she’s been living a bit of a vagabond lifestyle, kind of chasing each story that she becomes passionate about and wants to tell," Bledel continues.

Like all good things, we gotta start with a cup of Luke's coffee. Welcome to the Gilmore Gram.

A photo posted by @gilmoregirls on

As for Rory's boyfriends, the 34-year-old actress remained coy about who she ends up with, if any of them. 

But she did share some hints. 

"It think there is satisfying closure for any fans of any of the three couples that tend to get some attention," Bledel said. 

"But they’re very different interactions. I would say each one of them [gets] closure in a different way."

As for one Ms Lorelai Gilmore - we pick up at a darker time in her life as she mourns the loss of her father. 

"I would say not much has changed [for Lorelai in the reboot], which is kind of where we start our story because she’s maybe had a case of slight arrested development, and something about losing her dad is going to propel her forward," Graham told US Weekly.

"But in most ways, in all the ways I loved the character, it’s the same."

From publicity shots it does seem that she rekindles her romance with Luke (Scott Patterson) - but we will have to wait until November 25 to discover just where their relationship is at. 

H/T: Us Weekly

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