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MAFS Andrew Gets Slammed After Saying The Most Vile Comment

Channel Nine have been touting tonight's episode as the most explosive dinner party in Married at First Sight history and it did not disappoint. 

After undergoing couples boot camp, tensions between Andrew and Cheryl have been simmering. The couple met up for the first time at the group dinner party, after rumours circulated Andrew had been less than complimentary about Cheryl at the 'boys night out.' To be honest, things have never really been the same since Cheryl's father made jibes about Andrew's hand size and made him change out of his shorts and t-shirt. 

After an awkward two and fro where Andrew's only defence was imitating Cheryl, farmer Shaun dropped a bomb, revealing the fireman had made jibes about a threesome.

"There was a lot of bagging out of Cheryl and putting Cheryl down," Shaun bravely revealed. 

"I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about it and we were all standing in the kitchen and it was still going," he continued.

He went on to claim that the keen social netballer has stated that he could have a threesome with his original bride Lauren and new girlfriend Cheryl. We wish we could see Cheryl's dad's face now! Ouch! 

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