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Police Called After MAFS Brides Have Physical Altercation

This season of Married at First Sight has not been without drama. 

In fact we think they have last year's brides and grooms well and truly covered. 

But that's not to say that there isn't a LOT more scandal ahead of us. 

Already today there's been whirling rumours of cheating and wife-swaps (apparently Sam and Ines are now together), and supposedly a baby on the way for former virgin Matthew and Lauren.

But this new accusation has us shook. 

In an upcoming episode apparently two brides tee off in a heated discussion that turns physical. 

Cyrell and Martha reportedly end up in a physical row, after one of the grooms gets it on with a bride that is not his initial match. 

It gets so bad that not only do the producers have to separate the pair but police were called to the scene. 

Rumour has it Martha confronts the cheating husband (who is not named) and Cyrell takes it upon herself to rock up to Martha's apartment to say her piece. 

According to Women's Day, Cyrell grabbed Martha by the throat during the exchange. 


We hope the pair have patched things up and the cheating bride and groom haven't caused too much commotion at future dinner parties and commitment ceremonies. 

But let's face it. It's MAFS, so we know there's going to be plenty more drama and comotion! 

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