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MAFS 'Virgin' Groom Responds To Claims He Is An Actor

He's the Queensland videographer who revealed that he's still a virgin at 29, but is Matthew Bennett the real deal? 

The almost 30-year-old, non-religious man is shy, reserved, and describes himself as a "vivacious reader", which doesn't exactly fit the 'Married At First Sight' bill. 

Unlike his MAFS counterparts, Matthew isn't publicising his Instagram or using his appearance to heighten his public influence, prompting many to think he's simply too good to be true. 

"I can understand people thinking that [I'm an actor], but then why would someone go on national TV and declare themselves the 29-year-old virgin, not a 29-year-old virgin? I am now the 29-year-old virgin," Matthew told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I am not an actor," he said. "I chose a career on the other side of the camera."

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The 29-year-old videographer from NSW admits that there were moments prior to his appearance on the reality program where he was couldn't even say the sentence, 'I'm a virgin'.

"But I realised that I am 29 years old and a virgin - I can't change that, but I can own it. By letting everyone know, it took away the power it had over me."

His wedding night with Lauren Huntriss marked the first time he had ever shared a bed with a woman, but claims that the first night was 'lacklustre'. 

"The wedding day was so long, I was physically and mentally wiped so I was out like a light. I didn't even notice until I woke up the next morning," he laughed.

As they say, never judge a book by its cover! 

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