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One Of Our Grey's Anatomy Favs Is Engaged

The women of Grey's Anatomy seem to have a lot to celebrate lately. 

First it's Ellen Pompeo's unfiltered chat about show business, being a female in a long running show and how she earned herself a monster pay rise. 


Now we have found out that Camilla Luddington - who plays Jo on the cult TV show - is officially engaged. 

And the way she announced the news is adorably cute. 

Camilla and her long-term partner, Matt Allan, recently welcomed their first baby into the world, naming her Hayden. 

And her little hand is incorporated into her parent's engagement announcement. 

The post said "Sooo this happened on New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure I even let Matt get through his proposal before I started yelling YES YES YES!! Of course it was a yes! Also... Hayden approves.. ;)"

SO cute!

Camilla's character on the show, Jo, is also about to embark on a poignant story arc involving domestic violence. 

We'll be watching with wide eyes. 

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