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One Of The Today Show Hosts FORGOT To Turn Up

It's television's night of nights, so you expect any post-Logies morning shows to be a little worse for wear.

But while most of The Today Show's stars turned up for an eye-wateringly early start, there was one vital - and quickly missed - member absent.

"Richard Wilkins is missing this morning, he had a very 'big' night presenting," quipped Karl Stefanovic as the breakfast show kicked off at 5.30am.

Co-host Sylvia Jeffreys, who celebrated her birthday at last night's awards show, chimed in: "Well there was a bit of confusion apparently on his part about his start time.

"He though he didn't have to be here until 6.30am.

"Sounds a bit made-up to me."

Over the course of the next hour, sports reporter Tim Gilbert kept viewers updated on Wilkins' progress.

"I've just had breaking news as well," he joked. "He's had to have an intervention to open his eyes, they wouldn't open, so that's happening as well."

When Wilkins STILL hadn't surfaced by 6am - despite Lisa Wilkinson's please for him to "join us... at his convenience" and Stefanovic's insistence that "he's got to show up at some point" - Gilbert provided another tongue-in-cheek update.

"I have it on good authority that the left eye has now been opened by a surgery team, they're now moving to the right eye and once that eye's open hopefully he'll be joining us here on the program," he said.

Eventually, the Logies presenter did make his way to set, standing to one side and reading a newspaper before swallowing what looked like a painkiller and a mug of coffee at 6.20am - nearly an hour past his call time.

That's a lot earlier than we would have managed!

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