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Pamela Anderson Pens Bizarre Love Letter To Julian Assange

Ahh, the world of celebrity is indeed a twisted one.

Ex- Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, has written an odd online love letter to Julian Assange, aptly named “My Heart Stands with Julian”.

The letter, that was posted to her website, saw her refer to Assange as “sexy” and “brave”.

“Thinking of Julian makes me wonder, what is the sexiest quality in a man?” she wrote, “Surely the sexiest qualities in a man are bravery and courage.”

Pamela also defended the Wikileaks founder and called for his freedom now that he has won his case against Sweden.

“All of the excuses are gone. There is no reason he should not be freed,” she said.

Pamela ended the letter by signing off ‘I love you, Pamela’ – prompting even more speculation that the two are involved romantically.

Back in February, the pair appeared separately on the Kyle and Jackie O show, and were of course, probed about the situation.

Assange hinted to the fact that there was something going on between the pair, revealing: “She’s an attractive person with an attractive personality. She’s no idiot at all! Psychologically she’s very savvy.”

Pamela returned the compliment, saying that ‘she’s always wanted to be a First Lady and if she could stand next to any world leader, it would be Julian Assange.

While she didn’t straight out confirm that she and Assange were enjoying a romantic relationship at the time, she told Kyle and Jackie O that she speaks to him more than all of her ex husbands put together.

What a time to be alive.

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