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Remember Sky From Neighbours? You Won’t Recognise Her Now!

Remember Sky from Neighbours – aka Stephanie McIntosh?


For four years and more than 500 episodes, she made us laugh, cry and everything in between.

She went on to star in a reality show about herself – The Steph Show, and released some music… remember Tightrope?!

But since then, we haven’t heard much from the star who first showed up on our screens in 2003 with that punky blue-black hair.


Well a lot has happened since then for the Aussie star.

She’s moved to LA, found love and is now a mumma to gorgeous toddler Milla.

While the now 31-year-old hasn’t had any major roles since playing our favourite neighbour, last year she did perform alongside former co-star Holly Valance in Red Herring.

She’s also set to star in TV movie, The Force, about a former agent searching for his fiancée’s killer.

Until then, if you want to see more of Steph, she's an Instagram lover and we love her Instagram.

It's not hard to understand why either...

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