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Roxy Jacenko Addresses SNAPS At 60 Minutes Reporter

Roxy Jacenko has been in the headlines quite a lot lately.

From her husband’s arrest, and consequent prison sentence, to the realisation that she was suffering from breast cancer, Roxy Jacenko has certainly been through the ringer.

Now, in a preview for an interview with 60 Minutes set to air next Sunday, Roxy sits down with Allison Langdon to discuss the ‘cynicism’ over her breast cancer battle.

The defiant mother-of-two snapped at the reporter to ‘change your friends’ in a preview for the interview, after Alison addressed the ‘normal’ people who are questioning the timing of her breast cancer announcement.

'You've got too much time on your hands if you say that. I don't really give a f*** what they think on my timing.

'They can say that, the reality is, it's not something that I ever thought I would face,’ Roxy said.

The interview also discusses the fact that her partner Oliver is in prison, and Allison tried to discover what Roxy had been told about his arrest.

Source: Daily Mail

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