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Roxy Jacenko Photographed Kissing EX BOYFRIEND!

For a few weeks now, there have been rumours that Roxy Jacenko and her husband who is currently serving a year in prison, Oliver Curtis, have called time on their relationship.

It started when Roxy switched to a phone cover that dropped her married initial, from ‘RJC’ to just ‘RJ’.

Fresh hair Saturday's 🖤

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Now, she’s been photographed kissing her ex-boyfriend, Nabil Gazal at a party at his luxury apartment.

The photos show the pair sharing a series of affectionate kisses, and dining out with friends at Sydney hot spot, Bar Machiavelli.

The Daily Mail reports Nabil as one of Roxy’s more ‘serious’ part boyfriends and the pair dated until 2010.

During an appearance on the morning show in March, Roxy defended her marriage, insisting she was ‘still married’.

'Look, no marriage is ever perfect and obviously mine is challenged because of the situation that we're in. But Olly's a wonderful father,' Roxy said.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia late last week, Roxy revealed it will be 'business as usual' when Oliver is released from the Cooma correctional facility where he is being held.

'I'm not really about making a big fuss over something that shouldn't be celebrated,' she stated.

Source: Daily Mail

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