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Roxy Jacenko’s Estranged Sister Seemingly Hits Out Via Insta

Yesterday Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Roxy Jacenko in an exclusive radio chat. They covered a lot of ground, from her husband’s incarceration, to her breast cancer diagnosis.

Roxy revealed on the show, that besides a few nasty comments, some of which accused her of ‘perfectly timing’ her cancer diagnosis, she has received nothing but support from those around her.

However, that could have changed. Her estranged sister, Ruby Jacenko, who lives in Los Angeles, California seemingly posted a photo this week reportedly aimed at Roxy and her condition.

“Attention, could be worse. You’re not dead,” the post read.


Not the kind of post you’d expect to see from the sister of someone diagnosed with breast cancer, unless of course however they had endured a big falling out - that ended in an AVO.

In 2008, a police report contained claims Ms Davis had punched her sister in the face at a Kings Cross nightclub. Police took out an interim Apprehended Violence Order against Ms Davis. It was later revoked and dismissed.

Ms Davis attended her sister's wedding in 2012 and left Sydney for LA a few years ago. She then began a car website for U.S. women, Chickdriven, in November 2015.

Source: Daily Mail

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