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Sacha Baron Cohen Pays Fines For Guys Dressed In Mankinis

When you hear the name Sacha Baron Cohen the image that immediately pops up is surely the fluro green mankini. It's an iconic look from one of his most famous roles, Borat, a fictional Kazakh TV presenter.

The film of the same name brought people everywhere some great comedic value when it was released in 2006, well everywhere that is except the country where it was set, Kazakhstan.

I mean it's understandable...he kind of trashed them throughout the film.

In fact, the country hated it so much that they actually banned the film from being sold. But apparently, one group of tourists didn't get the memo and they're now facing fines for embodying borat on a recent holiday.

That's right, a group of six Czech guys thought it would be funny to whip out the iconic borat mankini to take some memorable photos while in the country's capital city. And why not? You'd think that it would be quite the innocent joke, right?

But apparently the hatred that people of Kazakhstan have for Borat is taken very seriously, and in a move that acted as a sort of 'F*ck you' to Sacha's character, the men were actually received a fine of 22,500 tenge ($67) each for indecent exposure.

And well, it is kind of reasonable I guess. If you're not aware, the borat mankini is a thin piece of lycra that barely covers the male front section and makes no attempt to cover anything at the back...

But never fear, Sacha Baron Cohen is here with his superhero cape in tow. The British actor actually reached out to the men via Facebook and offered to pay their fines for them!

High five Borat!


So just a quick PSA, if you're travelling to Kazakhstan anytime soon, maybe leave your mankini at home...

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