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Steven Avery Continues Fight For Freedom, Lodges An Appeal

The Steven Avery case is undoubtedly one of the most talked about topics of the month.

And there were dramatic developments today when Avery (who is representing himself) filed an appeal, asking the judge to throw out his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Avery believes a juror bullied the rest of the panel into finding him guilty back in 2005, by repeatedly commenting that Avery was "f***ing guilty."

The same juror allegedly told other jurors, "If you can't handle it why don't you tell them and leave." Avery argues that these comments deprived him of an impartial jury trial.

The convicted murderer and subject of the massively popular docuseries isn't stopping there.


Avery also argues that the search which lead to the discovery of incriminating evidence against him was illegal. He says the length of time his property was searched exceeded the time allowed on the warrant.

The appeal also states Teresa Halbach's car was not properly sealed after it was discovered on the Avery property and therefore police officers could easily open and close the doors.

This supports the theory presented in the Netflix documentary that blood evidence discovered inside the car could have been planted.

Now for the crazy part. If this appeal goes through, Steven Avery's murder trial could be declared a mistrial and Avery would be allowed to walk free from prison for the second time in his life.

Second season of Making A Murderer anyone?

Source: hollywoodlife

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