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Taylor Swift Sings Calvin Harris Track In Concert

Video: Christian Lopez YouTube

If Taylor Swift was gong to pull out a surprise performance of a track in concert, you wouldn't exactly expect it to be one made famous by her ex, Calvin Harris.

But that's not what she came for, during her performance at Austin's Formula One United States Grand Prix, she performed just that... "This Is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris and Rihanna, a song that pretty much owned last summer, a song which caused major headlines when it was revealed she secretly co-wrote the track.

Before performing, Taylor was coy, "If you know it, maybe you could sing along, and I could get to know what that feels like, to hear it sung back to me." She then launched into the performance, a beautiful stripped-back bare bones version, just Taylor and the piano.

Watch at top to see a snippet from the performance..


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