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'The Bachelor' Matty J SLAMMED After Saying See Ya To Leah

We saw her booted of The Bachelor on Wednesday night after she was caught lying about her topless waitressing past to Matty J and throwing rival Simone under the bus.

However, after she departed the mansion, Leah Costa, 24, took a swipe at Matty.

Sitting in the limousine, Leah ranted: 'F**k me, no man is worth that bulls**t!'

'I think the fact that I told Matty, you know, that a few of the girls have dirty laundry and I've hinted at what it might be,' Leah began her rant. 

'I'm going to let them deal with that. And you know what? Watch your back. Tonight was horrific. Like, Matty's gorgeous but f**k me, no man is worth that bulls**t!'

She went on to say that she wouldn’t miss the house and went on to slam her rivals, saying 'People's true colours will come out and Matty will be shocked at the amount of f**king b***hes he has in that house.'

'Elora's so fake it's not even funny... Steph's just a b***h. Simone got off scot-free. She is in that party scene but acts so wholesome. It's kind of pathetic. And I hope Matty wakes up and sees it.'

She added that she's still looking for love and will find it in a 'less dramatic fashion.'

The Bachelor continues tonight at 7:30PM on Ten.

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