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The Next Career Move For Bachelor Runner-Up Nikki Gogan

We are right in the midst of the Bachelorette at the moment but it appears people have already moved on.

Fans nationwide have taken to Facebook to campaign for former Bachelor star Nikki Gogan, 28, to take the crown as Australia’s Bachelorette for 2017.

In just a few days a page titled "Nikki Gogan for Bachelorette 2017", has amassed over 2000 fans on Facebook.

The page has been flooded with comments from fans eager to see Nikki given a second chance after she was dumped by Richie Strahan for single mother Alex Nation.

One comment said 'Nikki you deserve better than [Richie Strahan]! You missed a bullet big time. On to bigger and better things. You'll see.

'You have showed what a lovely lady you are through the heart ache, sometimes these things happen for a reason your Mr right is just around the corner waiting hope he comes around at a time when you are ready,' said another.

Nikki has revealed she has no intention of returning to reality television dating, telling Studio 10 that her recent break tip was ‘’too raw.’’

'No way. Not at this moment. It's too raw,' she said in response to a question about whether she would return as the Bachelorette next year.

'I feel like I'm not in the right head or heart space to be able to truly answer that question.

She added: 'And on top of that, I know that's a year from now and I feel like if I focused so far ahead that I might not be open to finding my person before then.

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