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The Shock Bachelor Split No One Saw Coming...

Our favourite Bachelor couple may have just called it quits. Please say it ain’t so. Tiffany Scanlon announced on Instagram late last night that she is moving out of the love nest she shared with fellow Bachelor contestant Megan Marx in Geraldton.

In the emotional message, alongside a touching photo of the pair, the blonde beauty wrote: 'My time in Geraldton may have come to an end now but my love for this one never will. On to the next adventure.’

Megan commented under the photo ‘this sucks’ and ‘I want you back.’ 


When a fan probed Tiffany about her decision to suddenly move, she responded ‘work, rent, life, lots of different reasons.’ 

Megan later shared the same photo, penning: ‘Me refusing to let go of @tiffany_janes but also happy I don’t have to wind her window up.’ 

The announcement comes after speculation the pair had split late last month, after Megan was spotted without Tiff by her side at a number of events.  



The pair who have been inseparable since leaving the show sent social media into overdrive in August after posting a bizarre string of semi-nude photos together. Who could forget their take on Lady and the Tramp…

Source: Instagram

Megan who was a front runner to win Richie’s heart, famously walked out on the rope-technician claiming her feelings weren't as strong a other girls there. When quizzed about her relationship with Tiffany, she told NW that she wouldn't 'rule out' a relationship with another woman.


'I'm usually attracted to men but I don't rule anything out... I would say Tiff's in the same boat,' Megan said.

'Tiff is a beautiful woman and we're very close,’ she added. 

We really thought their relationship would last longer than Richie and Alex's.   

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