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Strict 24-Hour Rule Elle Macpherson's Kids Have To Follow

And she reckons she's not a strict mum!

Elle Macpherson has admitted to enforcing a 24-hour "thank you" policy in her house, telling The Project that her sons are on deadline when it comes to accepting gifts.

"If you haven't written a [thank you] note within 24 hours, the gift is confiscated," the supermodel told Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Steve Price.

Her confession comes after an earlier interview, in which she revealed that her parenting style means "nothing gets swept under the carpet".

The 52-year-old told Stellar: "I wouldn't say 'nag', but let's say I remind [Flynn] - repeatedly at times - about anything from having breakfast, picking his clothes up off the floor, has he sent his thank-you notes, has he set an exam schedule with study times, is he eating properly, has he been to the gym, how much water has he drunk during the day.

"Most of what I say to them is, 'Listen, I'm not here to be popular, I'm here to guide you'."

Flynn, 18, and Cy, 13, both live in America with Aussie-born Macpherson, although Flynn recently moved away for university.

"[It] was a huge achievement for him because he was accepted into his first university of choice, so he is studying business in Boston," the proud mum explained on The Today Show, while Cy is "thriving at school in Miami."

"He is a teenager, playing lacrosse and interested in girls. I have my hands full.

"They have a mother who is very pro their education and pro sports and pro discipline."

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