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There Is Some Very Sad News For Rob 'Millsy' Mills

Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills has confirmed he has broken up with his girlfriend, Ellen Simpson.

The 34-year-old, who is currently starring in Neighbours, has spoken out about the split, while also slamming rumours of a romance with Real Housewives of Melbourne star Pettifleur Berenger. 

“I have just broken up with my partner, Ellen Simpson, late last year. We’re still very good friends," he told News Corp. 

Referring to the rumours of a romance with Berenger, Mills said: “It is just silly, isn’t it.

“We [Mills and Simpson] just laugh about it. I think it is hilarious. I’m pretty open with my relationships," he said. 

He went on to say “I catch up with Pettifleur every New Year’s and have a chat and people go ‘oh my god, you guys are dating’,"

“No, she’s 60 and married but thanks. She’s lovely, but I’m not a home-wrecker.''

''She’s happily married and has kids who I’ve met and who are great. She finds it funny as well.”

Well, that puts that to rest!

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