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This Ron Weasley Theory Will BLOW Your Mind

There are PLENTY of crazy fan made theories about Harry Potter ranging from boring to brilliant. 

One crazy theory suggests that Dumbledore is an older version of Rob Weasly. 

To back the theory up, the theorists have cited a lot of strange coincidences to back up their case which is easy to do because J.K. Rowling is very fond of parallels within characters. 

Reasons why it's possible Dumbledore is a time-travelling Ron Weasly... 

The theorists believe that Ron lived out the first timeline with Harry, married Hermione, had kids and then went back in time as Albus Dumbledore, relived an entirely new life and was around to guide and mentor Harry through the events a second time round. 

1. Their physical characteristics are somewhat similar. Older memories of Dumbledore describe him as having red hair. They also both have long, thin noses. There's also the fact that they both have a scar on their leg. Dumbledore's is on his left leg which may or may not coincide with one that Ron sustained toward the end of the third book. 

2. Recurring theme of socks. The one time Harry ever lied to Dumbledore was when he was describing what he saw in the Mirror of Erised. Dumbledore told him "One can never have enough socks. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a pair. People will insist of giving me books". It would be feasible then that a much older Ron who no longer has the two women he loves most in his life, would be hung up on something as simple as a pair of socks. 

3. Recurring theme of sweets and a Bertie Bott's Easter Egg. Ron and Dumbledore both like sweets. 

4. Dumbledore knows EVERYTHING. Quirrell's plot for the Sorcerer's stone, Sirius' innocence, how Harry would react to Occlumency and the events leading up to Sirius's death. If he really did travel in time, he knew exactly what tragedies would transpire having lived through them himself as Ron. 

5. When Scrimegeour releases the contents of Dumbledore's will, Rob is especially confused at being bequeathed the Deluminator because they never had much to do with each other. However that is exactly what a time traveler would do - avoid talking to their past selves to stop from adversely affecting the timeline. 

Reasons why the theory is NOT true... 

1. Dumbledore is gay and Ron is not. While sexuality is fluid and we can argue that, perhaps, at some point in his 115 years Dumbledore started playing for the other team, J.K. Rowling has been pretty explicit that Dumbledore was gay throughout the course of his life. 

2. This: 

Source: Bustle

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