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'Hiddleswift' Have Had Their First MAJOR Fight

Is ‘Hiddleswift’ in trouble already?! Reports are surfacing surrounding Taylor Swift and her beau, Tom Hiddleston, saying that the pair have had their first major fight!

Apparently, it’s down to how much time they’re spending apart.

A Swift insider told UsWeekly: 'It was hard making their schedules work.'

But while it's claimed that two are 'texting and talking all the time', Star magazine says the British star might be regretting rushing into such a high profile relationship so quickly.

The same publication reveals that before his relationship with Swift, he was a favourite to play the new ‘James Bond’, but the pairing may have damaged his career.

In the new issue of the tabloid magazine, an insider claims that the actor has got caught in the 'Taylor trap.' 'She insists on micromanaging everything and moving full speed ahead,' the source claimed.

'She's running the show.' 'There's no denying Tom's image has been tarnished since he started dating Taylor,' the source added.

'Tom certainly never planned for this romance to have a negative impact on his career, but he can't help but think that it's backfired.'

Looks like trouble in paradise!

Source: Daily Mail

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