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We Can Rule Out This Gilmore Girls Relationship For Good!

There’s one big question we have when it comes to Netflix’s revival of The Gilmore Girls

Who does Rory end up with?!

Is it her first love, Dean?

Bad boy Jess?

Or could it in fact be Logan?

Well David Sutcliffe, aka Rory’s dad Christopher, has ruled out one of those relationships.

Talking to USA Today, Sutcliffe was asked who he thought Rory should end up with and in answering gave away a BIG spoiler.

“I was going to say Jess, but I mean Dean,” he said.

“You know, I liked all the young actors that played her boyfriends. I know they’re not going to end up together but, Rory and Dean seem like a good couple.”

You read that right – Rory and Dean aren’t “going to end up together”.

While Jared Padalecki previously hinted this could be the case, this is the most definitive answer we’ve had so far.

So… Rory and Jess then?

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