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We're About To See A LOT More Of Kyly Clarke's 9-MO Daughter

It seems that Kyly and Michael Clarke's nine-month-old daughter Kelsey Lee is on the brink of taking over the internet.

Last week the proud mumma set up a personal Instagram account for her cute-as bub, prompting many to wonder if she was following in the footsteps of PR guru Roxy Jacenko. 

If so, it won't be long until the account is successful; despite posting no pictures, Kelsey Lee already has 120 followers.

Roxy famously created an Instagram feed for her own daughter, Pixie, in June 2013 to thank everyone for the gifts they had sent to the then-two-year-old.

Of course the account exploded and Pixie now has more than 110,000 followers, has posted 2847 photos and is the face of hair accessory-company Pixie Bows.

When questioned by Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday, though, Kyly played coy about the exact reasoning for setting up the Instagram, rather bizarrely explaining that it was just in case she didn't come across as a "cool mum".

"She does have one. I never wanted her to grow up and go 'Mum, you are so not cool, I can't believe you didn't save my name [on Instagram]'.

"She doesn't post any pictures or have any friends besides her family but yeah, I just didn't want to get told off when she gets older."

The former cricketer's wife did admit, though, that "by the time she is old enough, social media might have changed."

Sounds like Pixie Curtis may have some competition on her hands.

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