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X Factor Slammed For Terrible Treatment Of Contestants

With rumours circulating that tonight’s episode of The X Factor Australia may be the last, the show has come under fire for the appalling conditions it puts its contestants through.

Claims of long days filming without breaks or water, being set up for failure by producers and pushed to breaking point have been vehemently denied by Channel 7.

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However, one former contestant has told Fairfax their experience of reaching the top 12 was “awful”.

“I think the reason they put a lot of stress on young people and don't give them water or breaks is for ratings,” Johanna Vitalone said about her and daughter Bianca’s run on the show last year.

“It makes people break down more when they're run down.

"A little boy fainted during filming. I think he was around 14. We were filming from really early in the morning and nobody had any water.

She said they were also criticised for their song choice – despite being told what songs to sing.

The network has denied the allegations to Fairfax, calling claims that artists weren’t allowed toilet breaks “bizarre”.

The spokesperson maintained that meals and water were provided, with the performers free to leave whenever they wanted.

Other unnamed contestants, parents and agents told of the damage the show caused, with some artists giving up entirely on their career as a result.

With ratings for the reality show dropping, many are already talking about this series being the last.

Have you been watching this series of The X Factor?

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