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You Definitely Missed The Moment Tziporah Malkah Was Naked

Last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was scary, funny and damn right weird.

Other than seeing Keira and Nazeem take on the ‘At Worlds End’ challenge which saw them climbing 600 feet above sea level and trying to grab flags to win meals, there was also another challenge.


The ever-so-hunky Kris Smith and Dane Swan (also not so bad on the eyes) had to try and eat a bag of chips each inside an hour.

The catch? They had to eat all of them without their campmates realising they were feasting on the delicious snack.

That wasn’t the only thing that captured our eyes during this challenge, however.

It was this shot.


Let’s just circle this so you can see it.


That’s right.

Tziporah Malkah, formerly known as Kate Fischer, is completely nude here on the top half.

No bra, no shower in sight, she is just lounging around naked.

We have so many questions, like..

Is she sleeping nude in the jungle?
Why get them out in the middle of the day?
What is she doing?
Why are you doing this in front of everyone?

And many more.

We are stunned by her just putting herself out there.

If you wanted to know, the chips eaten by Kris and Dane were salted.

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