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YouTube Rewind Sums Up 2016 In The Most Amazing Way

YouTube has brought to life the year that was 2016 in the only way they know how, via a brand new edition of their famous YouTube Rewind.

With an intro from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, the clip takes us on a journey down memory lane of all the most memorable viral videos and trends of 2016, all set to some of the hottest tracks of the year including Justin Bieber's 'Sorry', The Chainsmokers 'Closer' and Fifth Harmony's 'Work From Home'.

Everything from "Damn Daniel", to dabbing, water bottle flipping, Kanye's 'Famous' video, the Pokemon Go obsession, eating corn off a power drill (look closely for that one!), the mannequin challenge, the running man challenge and 'Pen Pineapple Pen' (or whatever that was) has been referenced.

Someone who's made it big on YouTube this year (watch to find out) rounds out the clip with a reference to their famous segment, the video finally ending on a powerful note made via a message appearing on screen, "Dedicated to all the moments that brought us together this year, and to love and understanding in 2017."

Watch the video at top to see this amazing production, and for an even further trip into the past, watch the YouTube Rewind 2015 edition below:

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