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Taylor Swift Is No Longer The Richest Woman In Music

Breaking News: Tay-Tay is totes pov. 

Taylor Swift has been knocked off her perch as the highest earning female in music. 

In new figures acquired by Forbes, it's been revealed that Beyoncé raked in the most dosh out of any other female musician in 2017. The success of Beyonce's Formation World Tour, plus her 2016 album Lemonade, has brought her out on top. (Though plenty of people couldn't be bothered listening to Lemonade as to this day, it hasn't been released on streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.) 

Beyoncé's pre-tax income for the period between June 2016 and June 2017 was $105m.


This puts Queen Bey ahead of Adele on $69m and Taylor Swift on $44m.

Only 44 million? How embarrassing, amiright? 

It's probably worth noting that Taylor only released new music literally last week, and before that she was relatively quiet after the release of her 1989 album in 2014. So obvs her fortune is gonna dip while she's just chillin'. 

Taylor's latest album, Reputation, sold 1.2 million units in the first week, overtaking Ed Sheeran's Divide as 2017's top selling album by far. And much like Beyonce's Lemonade, Reputation hasn't been released on streaming services (yet) so it's fair to assume Taylor will be climbing back up the rich list next year.

Here's the full list of Forbes' Top 10 Highest Paid Women in Music: June 2016-June 2017

1. Beyoncé: $105 million

2. Adele: $69 million

3. Taylor Swift: $44 million

4. Celine Dion: $42 million

5. Jennifer Lopez: $38 million

6. Dolly Parton: $37 million

7. Rihanna: $36 million

8. Britney Spears: $34 million

9. Katy Perry: $33 million

10. Barbra Streisand: $30 million

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