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The Moment An Adelaide School Performed For Keith Urban

An Adelaide school girl has become the envy of all her friends after being pulled up on stage to perform for Keith Urban. Amy Jennifer was attempting to get her guitar signed by the country rocker, when she suddenly became the star of the show.

"It was pretty surreal. I’m in shock I still can’t believe it," she told Mix 102.3.

The 16-year-old was sitting front row, when she managed to get Keith's attention.   

"I just pulled  my guitar up and said Keith, Keith and he said ‘hey and he said ‘I’ve got too many guitars,' she told Mix 1023.

'I said ‘can you sign it?’ He asked my name and he said come up here Amy Jennifer,' she continued. 

With a stadium full of fans, the clever musician realised this was her big chance to impress.

"I thought I should make the most of this opportunity. He didn’t bring me up to play a song. I said, 'can I play an original song?' and he said, 'hell yeah," she told Mix 102.3. 

She certainly made the most the opportunity, wowing the crowd with an original called 'Closing That Door,' penned about a recent break up. 

"It was so unexpected. When I was up there I was thinking they’re paying to see Keith, but they were so supportive. They were yelling my name. That’ the crowds that he brings in," Amy said. 

The budding musician said the experience has inspired her to strive harder to reach her dreams of playing to a stadium full of her own screaming fans.  

"Before last night I could only dream about what a crowd like that looked like. I’m going to work so hard," she said. 

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

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